CINS465 - Web Development Fundamentals

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Assignment #1: Learning Python 3

For this assignment, the goal is for you to work through solving a variety of problems and gain some proficiency in programming in Python3. To this end I'm going to have you leverage HackerRank's Python Language Profiency set of challenges to learn Python3 language features and validate your success.

Your Task

Your task is to get the 3 star silver Python language proficency badge on HackerRank. There are a number of decent problems to give you hands on practice with a multitude of Python language features, which will be helpful as we move forward to using Python to interact with web technologies or you use it beyond this class in other applications.

Python Badge Levels

Partial Credit

Your grade on the assignment will be as follows if you don't get to the 3 star silver but complete the earlier badges.

  • 1 star bronze - 30%
  • 2 star bronze - 70%

Extra Credit

You will get extra credit of 10 points for each additional badge level you earn beyond the 3 star silver.

Submitting proof

If you haven't already create your CINS465 repo through the form on my website, you'll need the GitHub Token given out in lecture to do so.


I'll need three things to be submitted for you to get credit for this assignment, which you will put into your CINS465 repo and if it makes things easier you can put into an assigment1 folder:

  • Will need a screenshot of your account settings with your username and school email in the screenshot, which should like below:

Account Details

  • Will need a screenshot of your profile with your username and the badge to confirm you earned the badge. Make sure your username and badge are both captured like below:

Python Badge Levels

  • Lastly, include a file with the above screenshots and a list of the hackerrank challenges you solved to earn the badge. This can be formatted in markdown as a list of the names of the challenges, or as a list of links to the challenges. If you don't know markdown, you can also just put each challenge on a seperate line. This is to help me determine some insight into what challenges you solved. If you are interested, here is a markdown syntax cheatsheet

Putting proof onto GitHub

The three proficiency proofs should be submitted to your CINS465 repo on a branch named assignment1, make sure your case is identical for your branch or I may not find/grade your submission. To do this you can do the following in your repo directory, it assumes you want to add all the code in the directory:

git checkout -b assignment1 #create branch and switch to it git add -A #add all -- this should include the 2 screenshots and file listed above git commit -m "Assignment 1 Submission" #Commit changes to branch git push origin assignment1 #Push code up to assignment1 branch on remote