CSCI444 - Linux System Administration

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Lab 7


  • In Docker Image:
    • Create grader account
    • Install updates
    • Install packages
      • vim, curl, git, fortune, man, Nginx
    • Configure Nginx
    • Default container to grader account
      • Multiple ways to do this but could run an infinite loop in the foreground and let nginx remain a background service.


The goal of this assignment is to gain some familiarity with Docker by building a docker image with aspects of your labs 1 and 2.

Submitting Assignment

So make sure you do the following:

  • Commit these to your course github repo on the assignment7 branch.
    • Dockerfile
    • docker-compose.yml (optional)

Verify that you can see your files on GitHub for the repo under the assignment7 branch. Also make sure your branch is named correctly or it will not be pulled for grading.