CSCI345 - Linux System Administration

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Lab 12


  • Use Ansible to:
    • Create grader account
    • Install updates
    • Install packages
      • OpenSSH, vim, curl, git, fortune, man
    • Add SSH public key to grader account
    • Configure Node Exporter & Prometheus on the node


Use ansible functionality to create a single playbook file to do the required functionality mentioned in the goals [1].

For 10 points Extra Credit: Write it so it prompts the user for their sudo password vs requiring ansible to be run as root.

Submitting Assignment

Commit to the assignment12 branch of your CSCI444 organization repo with the following:

  • assignment12.yml

Verify that you can see your files on GitHub for the repo under the assignment12 branch. Also make sure your branch is named correctly or it will not be pulled for grading.