CSCI345 - Linux System Administration

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Final Project


  • Setup 3 node cluster
    • Kubernetes running a single cluster across all 3 nodes.
    • Shared NFS /home folders
    • Grader account w/ SSH key on all nodes
  • Automate w/ Ansible or Puppet


For help refer to K3s Docs to setup a cluster

You only need to setup a basic cluster.

Answer Questions

Answer the following questions in file in your submission folder.

  1. What is Kubernetes?
  2. Why might you want a shared home directory?
  3. Why would you want to automate the setup?
  4. Did you setup your K3s cluster on GCP or locally? Why did you choose this route?

Submitting Project

Commit to the finalproject branch of your CSCI345 organization repo with the following:

  • Ansible Playbooks or Puppet Manifests
  • Ansible Inventory (if using ansible)
  • Any other needed files

Verify that you can see your files on GitHub for the repo under the finalproject branch. Also make sure your branch is named correctly or it will not be pulled for grading.