CSCI345 - Linux System Administration

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Lab 8


  • Configure docker images with docker-compose
  • Setup node-exporter on 2 docker images
  • Setup prometheus on 1 docker image
  • Setup grafana


Configure at least 2 docker images to have node-exporter, using docker-compose link the containers with one running prometheus to get the data from the node-exporter containers when running.


Setup grafana preferably on it's own container to pull data from the prometheus container. Microservices by convention are 1 service per container; however, integrating monitoring like prometheus and grafana is kind of an added layer.

Answer Questions about Prometheus/Grafana

Answer the following questions in file in your submission folder.

  1. What is prometheus?
  2. What is grafana?
  3. Why might you want to use prometheus?
  4. When do such tools really become useful?
  5. When might you want to use them personally?

Submitting Assignment

Commit to the assignment8 branch of your CSCI444 organization repo with the following:

  • Dockerfiles
  • docker-compose.yml
  • Any other files needed

Verify that you can see your files on GitHub for the repo under the assignment8 branch. Also make sure your branch is named correctly or it will not be pulled for grading.