CSCI444 - Linux System Administration

Link to resource on GitHub

  • Google Drive Shared Folder - Shared folder of lecture slides, and other materials.
  • Python - Python is extremely helpful in automating sysadmin tasks
  • Git Basics Video - Basic tutorial on using git for version control I recorded Spring 2020
  • Learn Git Branching - Excellent web tutorial working through a variety of use cases for git including using branches.
  • GitHub - Version Control & Open Source Code Repository (Education Accounts are Free)
  • GitLab - Version Control with baked in CI/CD (Unlimited private/public repos for all)
  • BitBucket - Version Control Host for GIT or MERCURIAL (Education Accounts are Free)
  • GitKraken - An awesome multi platform GIT GUI; however, if you don't know how to use git in the command line you should learn that before using a GUI of any kind or you will run into problems.
  • Ubuntu - The primary distro we'll be using
  • Debian - The distro Ubuntu is based on
  • Arch - A distro we'll potentially look at
  • CentOS - A distro based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • RockyLinux - A distro to replace CentOS as a downstream build from RHEL since CentOS shifted their strategy.
  • Family Tree - Visualization of the Linux distros family trees
  • Dev Docs - Searchable documentation of many popular languages. Includes C documentation, which is what we'll be using primarily in this course. But great resource for all of you long term.
  • Linux Journey - Nice reference for many of the basic skills we'll discuss
  • Linux Upskill Challenge - Useful reference similar to many of the assignments/labs
  • Linux From Scratch - A deep dive challenge beyond just sysadmin in understanding linux
  • General Academic Email Etiquette - I'm fine with you calling me by my first name, but if you are going to use a salutation, make sure it's a correct one.
  • Moodle - We will be using the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) this semester. The enrollment key was given out in lecture, email me if you missed the first lecture and didn't get the enrollment key for Moodle.
  • Piazza - The discussion board site we will be using for this semester. I'll be posting announcements here. This is also where you should ask your generic, non-code specific questions.