CINS465 - Web Development Fundamentals

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Assignment 4 Django Data Driven Page

Getting a simple page with a form, model, and template building from model working

In this assignment your website needs to do the following:

  • Provide a form
  • Load data on the page from a model
  • Update model from form submission
  • Be creative
  • Be submitted to GitHub correctly
  • You should be able to view the site on your local machine at http://localhost/. For more information on setting up routes in Django, please see the documentation

Submitting Assignment 4

The code should be submitted to your CINS465 on a branch named assignment4, make sure your case is identical for your branch or I may not find/grade your submission. To do this you can do the following in your repo directory, it assumes you want to add all the code in the directory:

git checkout -b assignment4 #create branch and switch to it git add -A #add all git commit -m "Assignment 4 Submission" #Commit changes to branch git push --set-upstream origin assignment4 #Push code up to assignment4 branch on remote

You should have your code setup such that when cloned in your folder it can be run directly via python manage runserver. If you chose to you can containerize your code via docker. If you choose to do this you should have either a docker-compose.yml in your root directory for me to launch your project or a Dockerfile in your root directory I can build a container from.